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Into the 3rd week….

on January 14, 2014

I am now into my third week of using Plexus.  I have seen some wonderful results!  I have lost almost 6 pounds (5.8), I have lost 16 and a half inches and I have seen my blood sugar readings even out and stay under 130 about 90% of the time.  I have had only two fasting readings over 130 and I think it was because  I was unwell during the night.  I haven’t these kinds of numbers since I was pregnant with Joel and no, I am not pregnant.  I am also using less insulin.  Usually, by the 14th of the month, I am down to my last vial of insulin instead I still have a whole vial and 2/3 left of 5 vials.  I really believe that this product can help me lose the weight and feel better and have better health!

I feel as though I need to wait to share my enthusiasm though.  I want to lose 15 pounds before I begin to tell people how great this product is and I want to be careful how I share.  I do not want to turn anyone off to Plexus because I was overzealous.  I am hoping that my friend, Angela, will try it out.  I think it will help her as it is helping me.

I have also come up against emotional eating these last few days.  I am still trying to let go of a situation with my homeschool group that truly requires me to NOT be in control.  It is so hard to let go of control.  It is so hard to take things off my plate!  I know I need to take things off so that I can focus on the boys and their education and well being, but I am having such a hard time! Every time I am faced with that prospect, I eat too much.  Ugh.   I believe the only answer for this is to let go and say the Jesus Prayer, a lot.  To pray more and keep my focus on Christ, which will redirect my whole way of thinking.  St. Angelina, pray for me.


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